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Below we have events and news from around the Beaverton area.  The right column has links to our beliefs, our literature, and some ongoing community activities.  The left column has links to some regular current activities including a schedule of events at the Beaverton Baha'i Center on Murray Boulevard.

Concert by Yosi Mesbah

One of my very Talented and Wonderful Bahai musician-friends , Yosi Mesbah , Will be in town for a West coast tour during end of may -beginning of July and and she is planning on having local concerts ! She used to live in Oregon and has many connection with many friends !
On Wednesday June 3rd I was hoping to request for reserving the center for an evening 7-10 art-and music event to invite friends for her performance . the one

Childrens' Summer Camp

Sheida and I are planning a summer Children's class camp. We would like to reserve the center from August 10th through the 14th from 8 AM to 4 Pm.

Please let me know if this will work out.


Baha'i Book Studies

The youth are organizing a morning study session. It Thursdays from 9am to noon at the Beaverton Baha'i Center.   You may also send suggestions to Mona.

  1. Thursday - Creating a new mind By Paul Lample 

Download Baha'i Books

Volunteer For Feast

Tia and Shayda are scheduling the 19 Day Feasts for the Beaverton community.  You can sign up to host the Feast or prepare the devotions using a printed sign up form at Feast or by contacting them with the form below.   Currently refreshments will be potluck but you can indicate that you would like to do something more in the comments field.  Neighborhood Feasts are held every few weeks - one of these will be at the Beaverton Baha'i Center and the other two will be in homes in neighborhoods - you can also request to have a neighborhood feast in your home.

Institute Campaign

June 29-July 5 - all day each day - Institute Campaign

Bahá'í Institute for Higher Education

The Bahá'í Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) was founded in 1987 in response to the Iranian government's continuing campaign to deny Iranian Bahá'ís access to higher education.   As its graduates excel in post graduate studies internationally, the BIHE's commitment to high academic standards, international collaboration, and an innovative teaching-learning environment is increasingly recognized.  The BIHE offers 32 university-level programs across 5 faculties and continues to develop an

Neighborhood Activities

The Baha'i Community initiates and organizes many neighborhood activities all over the world.  The goals of these activities are to
  • Spiritualize and unify neighborhood communities
  • Provide spiritually and morally uplifting activities for junior youth (aged about 12-14) and older youth in contrast to the negative activities promoted by our media
  • Provide local childrens' classes to promote a spiritual and positive outlook
  • Provide local gathering points for interfaith prayers and discussions

New Users

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Declaration of The Bab

Celebration of The Declaration of The Bab will be Saturday night, May 23rd at the Baha'i Center starting at 9:00pm.
There will be a short program of prayers, stories, and music, followed by ice cream sundaes and socializing.


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