Harmony of Science and Religion


Harmony of Science and Religion

Baha'is believe that science and religion are in harmony or agreement. We understand that they address different aspects of reality. Religion addresses the spirit and spiritual truths while science addresses the material world and how things work. The Baha'i Faith also teaches that humanity needs both science and religion. Religion without rationality and logic (science) becomes superstition. Science without values and moral guidance (religion) becomes destructive. Do you have thoughts on this? You can create an account for this site and post them here.

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and offers to publish in different languages are welcomed.I have read one of them: on Is the Universe Designed?The universe appears to be fine-tuned so as to admit the development of
life. This paper examines the evidence for fine-tuning and the chief
rival explanation to design, namely the existence of a ‘multiverse’.  I recommend it!  It is clear and understandable.