Social Activitism


The overriding goal of the Baha'i Faith is unity - locally, regionally, globally. We work to improve conditions locally and world wide. We do not engage in partisan or divisive actions. Locally in Beaverton and world wide in all Baha'i communities we are engaged in four core activities.

Study circles

Group that meet regularly to study something, generally a workbook. Study circles are a part of the Institute process, and combine study of the text at hand with acts of service and community development. The most commonly used material for study circles is the Ruhi curriculum, though other curricula exist.

Children's classes

Classes open to all that provide spiritual and moral education to children - usually from ages 5 to 11.

Devotional gatherings

Meetings open to all, regardless of religion or faith, and dedicated to sharing prayers and readings from sacred scripture. Gatherings such as these can be as simple as two people meeting for the purpose of praying together. The term "devotional" refers to the concept that regular prayer is part of devotion to God.

Junior youth groups

Groups that are open to all junior youth (young adolescents between the ages of 11 to 14) regardless of faith, and are increasingly being held at the neighborhood level. The groups help junior youth to develop their moral, ethical and spiritual framework in an enjoyable group setting, facilitated by an older youth or adult, known as an ‘animator’. Universal House of Justice describes junior youth as a “special group with special needs, as they are somewhat in between childhood and youth” (Ridvan 2000 message).


Some other references to Social and Economic Development:



His purpose is to bring about a spiritually based global civilization. Each of the previous religions (we know of Hinduism, Buddhism, Abraham's religion, Judaism, Zoarasterism, Christianity, and Islam from historical records, little is known about the details of native American religions) going back 10,000 years or so promised or predicted a return or rebirth of the religion that would bring about a time of unity and peace. Baha'u'llah fullfills these promises - here is a link on that In the mid-nineteenth century, humanity began to develop the technological means to build a global civilization (rapid travel and instantaneous communication - the first telegraph message was sent the day that the Bab announced His mission). The Baha'i revelation has unleashed a spiritual energy in the world to allow the social and economic changes to begin to establish this civilization over the next few centuries. The Baha'i Faith is to provide a nucleus for that civilization as humanity becomes aware that it is needed - so we are tasked with building a world-wide spiritual/social/economic community while the current civilization is going through a series of increasingly severe crises. Here is a link to a series of 114 youth conferences that the Baha'is organized last year - we have had neighborhood programs going on in the Portland area and all over the world - these conferences were to promote a significant increase in the tempo of those programs.